Saturday, 4 May 2013

brew up

I like to think I'm a fairly tolerant, live and let live sort of person. It takes a fair bit to wind me up but I saw this article a few months ago and it's no exaggeration to say I pretty much exploded when I
read it :-,d.d2k

Cornwall councillor Colin Brewer said Disabled children cost too much and ought to be put down!
It was all the more remarkable that he'd stubbornly refused to resign for 18 months but, in the end,
he did resign and I believed that had put an end to it.
Fast forward to 3rd may, the day after local elections and I was amazed to see he'd had the damn nerve to stand for office again! Not only that, the good folk of Wadebridge, Cornwall had somehow seen fit to elect him again! Only by 4 votes, but still, a man who publicly called for those with disabilities to be put down now holds public office - again.
Great Britain, really? I mean, really Great? what sort of Great Britain is it where someone like this can remain in office until their hand is forced, then, when they think it's all blown over,
re-take their position as if nothing has happened.
Something has happened though, hasn't it? Your cover has been blown Brewer and believe me
disabled people will not let this rest. 
These are the disabled people you may have seen representing this 'Great' nation last year in the Paralympics. These are the disabled people who get themselves educated often despite all sorts of medical treatment. In fact, in a way, it's because of those people who helped teach us and care
for us in bad times that we are spurred on to achieve as much as possible.
These people who, if you'd had your way, would've been put down long ago, are working hard.
Many (including me) are paying taxes, some of which no doubt is to fund council business. They're paying National Insurance to help fund the NHS so who precisely is costing who money?
My wife worked every day from leaving school til she died aged 33, she volunteered with NSPCC and taught those with learning disabilities at a Riding School!
Yes, that's right, some people with disabilities can even ride horses!
You see, as a disabled person I know damn well what I can't do, so I prefer to think about what I can do. Which is actually rather a lot. Not that I'm a high achiever, just a regular bloke who goes birding, watches rugby and likes the odd beer. That's not costing you a bean Mr Brewer.
Now, as a taxpayer, I'd like to see my taxes being put to good use. Maybe we could educate the next generation of disabled children, not exactly revolutionary is it? We could pay for their medical needs,
we could make the country even more accessible than it is now, we could encourage disabled people to contribute to society in all sorts of ways, limited only by our imagination.
The really serious limitation though comes when a supposedly 'Great'' Britain sees fit to elect
a bigot like Colin Brewer to public office.

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  1. Well said Phil.
    I can't believe this loathsome excuse for a human managed to get re-elected.